Saturday, November 30, 2013


One of mine and Dan's favorite places to go in Phoenix is Postino Wine Cafe. They of course have amazing wine, but they also have amazing bruschetta. Unfortunately, it's about 20-30 minutes from our house.  So we decided create it at home. We made just a few of our favorite combinations, but see Postino's menu for more ideas. 

Start by toasting a baguette or we did a small ciabatta loaf. Do you love my new baking mat from IKEA? No more aluminum foil. I love not doing dishes. This just rinses right off.

Now for your toppings. We used pesto, fig spread and balsamic glaze.

As well as brie, pear, prosciutto, smoked salmon and a chocolate cheddar (weird but good). 

Pesto, smoked salmon and fresh cracked pepper. 

Fig spread, brie and prosciutto. 

Fig spread, brie, pear and prosciutto. 

Pear and balsamic glaze. 

Chocolate cheddar, prosciutto and fresh cracked pepper.  

Baguette or ciabatta loaf
Fig spread
Balsamic glaze
Smoked salmon

Lightly toast bread for 10 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit or until golden brown.  Cut all toppings. Stack desired toppings on each slice of toast. Here are a few combinations...

Fig spread, brie, pear, prosciutto.

Pesto, smoked salmon, cracked pepper.

Pear and balsamic glaze.

Cheddar, prosciutto, fig spread.

Mozerella, basil, tomato, balsamic glaze.

Salami and pesto.

Anything you prefer! Don't forget to enjoy with your favorite wine!

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